More Imagine cup finals content

In my previous post I introduced the SOAK system. Here is some additional content.

APC magazine interview
Tony Sarno from APC magazine interviewed our team to ask us what it was like building SOAK and our experiences with the imagine cup. You can read his news story on the Imagine cup here

My fellow Readify workmate Jordan Knight took a few photos of us after winning the Imaginecup competition

Imagine Cup Winners
Imagine Cup winners hold up their prize

David Hall assisted us in conceptualising and building a mockup for demonstration purposes. He has blogged about his experiences

By David Burela

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3 thoughts on “More Imagine cup finals content

  1. As one of the judges for the finals, I want to congratulate team SOAK on an incredible job. The judges were impressed by the creativity, thoroughness and real life experience that the team brought to the project.

    I look forward to working with the team as they move forward with the project and through our Innvation Accelerator program

    Well done guys!!!!

    Rob Bernard
    Chief Environmental Strategist

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