Community report-Melbourne Azure UG May

Last month during the Windows Azure user group there were 2 main presentations.

The first one gave a quick 15minute overview of the latest news in the Windows Azure community

The 2nd talk by Aidan Casey (@aidanjcasey) talked about how you can build Node.js apps on top of Windows Azure.

  • He gives an introduction on what Node.Js is
  • Reviews the tooling that is provided by Windows Azure
  • Demonstrates how to build and deploy a simple chat application
  • And finally explains in what situations Node.Js should be used

By David Burela

I’m speaking at DDD Sydney

The “Developer Developer Developer” conferences have consistently been a great event. If you are in Sydney be sure to purchase your ticket and come this weekend! It is only $25 for a full day of talks, food & giveaways.

I’m also proud to say that I’ll be speaking this year on Windows 8 Development 101: The basics of XAML and ViewModels
The Windows 8 platform will soon allow people to build “Metro style applications” and sell them on the Windows Marketplace.
Join David Burela as he takes anyone who is new to Desktop development through the basics of developing for Windows 8. XAML, Databinding, DataTemplates and ViewModels will all be introduced.
Discover how to separate your UI from your business logic, how to create List Views that display your data richly, plus much more.
The techniques here can be applied to any XAML based application: WinRT, WP7, WPF, SL5.

By David Burela

The Microsoft surface tablet

It is difficult to have not come across the recent announcements, that Microsoft will be selling their own tablet known as the “Microsoft Surface Tablet”.
Rather than writing “yet another coverage article”, I’ll instead compile some of my favourite links & info.

The ‘coolest’ thing about the entire announcement is the integrated cover on the tablet, and how it folds out into a touch keyboard.
Be sure to check out the official website for some high resolution images

The coverage

The specs

Specs taken from

The Images




What about the old surface tables?

The technology has been rebranded to PixelSense, with the devices being called the Samsung SUR40 

By David Burela

Background tasks in Windows 8 failing instantly

I have seen an instance where trying to instantiate a background task in Windows 8 results in it failing instantly, or throwing an UnauthorizedAccessException.

This happens when you have put the task is in a 2nd project whose build output is set to Class Library. Simply go into the project settings, and change the Output type to WinMD file.


By David Burela

My notes from the Windows Phone 8 announcement

Note: the first few screenshots were low quality, the later images are fine once the connection improved. I’ll update the images once the session is downloadable


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Windows 8 app finishing school–Melbourne

Are you in Melbourne and building Windows 8 applications for the store? Want to get some help to put that extra bit of polish on your app?

This Friday & Saturday there are events where there will be experts on hand to help answer your questions and give suggestions on how to make your application *pop*. You can came to either days, no need to attend both.
I’ll be helping out on both days, so I hope to see you there!

Cost: FREE!
Date: Friday 22nd June & Saturday 23rd June
Location: Melbourne CBD.
Registration details:

By David Burela

I am now the APAC Regional Technical Evangelist for Infragistics

I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a role at Infragistics as the Regional Technical Evangelist for the APAC region. I accepted the role last month, but I have just been way too busy to write a dedicated blog post about it.

I am currently in the USA visiting their offices in New Jersey. Their offices are amazing, and I hadn’t realised just how many hundreds of people Infragistics had working for them until I visited their office. I have had an amazing time here in the USA, absorbing the wide breadth of products that they have. I am getting very excited to get back to Australia and start sharing all this knowledge.

To give a brief overview, we have wide range of .Net solutions (WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, ASP.Net, etc.) as well as some jaw dropping jQuery controls (that work well with ASP.Net MVC). We also just released the first beta of our native iOS controls! There is so much going on.

I’ve been attending TechEd in Orlando, Florida. Doing demos at our booth all week.

I am also a technical resource available for anyone that is curious to know more about Infragistics products in Australia. Send me an email at “dburela (@)” and I’ll be happy to spend some time with you.

Below I have attached some photos of the Infragistics office.


By David Burela