Installing Silverlight 4 tools with Visual Studio 2010 RC

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 RC I was disappointed that the Silverlight team hadn’t released an updated tools installer <Insert theories of the team waiting for Mix2010 to release an updated installer>.

I was forwarded to this website which explains how to install the Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 onto Visual Studio 2010 RC

It comes down to

  • Extract the SL4 installer
  • Modify the .xml file to enable it to install
  • Modify the registry
  • Replace one of the RIA .dlls with a patched version.

By David Burela

February 2010 Azure tools now available

The June 2010 azure tools are now available for download

This is mostly a bug fix release, however it does have one interesting new feature; Azure applications can now chose which OS version the instances should use. This means you can now choose when to upgrade your instances to the latest OS snapshot with hotfixes applied.

By David Burela

Guide to creating Expression blend 3 addins

There isn’t much information available for creating Expression blend 3 addins. There is some information on creating blend 2 plugins, but the addin model has changed between versions.

Here I have given an overview of what is needed to setup your Visual studio environment, as well as sample code and a sample project to get you up and running.

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