Brisbane cloudcamp 2010 – Lightning talk (Connect2Field)

This is the talk that Steven Orenstein (@sorenstein) from gave at the Brisbane cloud camp.

He talks about how his company utilises the cloud. It is interesting to compare this prepared talk to the one he was asked to do at the Melbourne cloudcamp 2 months earlier. Here is his Melbourne talk.

[Vimeo 13841003]

By David Burela

Melbourne cloudcamp 2010 – Lightning talk (Connect2Field)

This was the last lightning talk from the Melbourne cloudcamp. Steven Orenstein (@sorenstein) from was asked to give an impromptu lightning talk. It is interesting to compare this talk against the lightning talk he did 2 months later at the Brisbane cloudcamp when he was given time to prepare.

[Vimeo 12573881]

By David Burela

Microsoft TechEd 2010 Keynote – Deck of Secrets screenshots

Update: the apps have since been released to the app store

This is just a quick blog post to share the screenshots of my Windows Phone 7 application that was shown during the Australia TechEd 2010 Keynote.

I am currently working with to get this application ready for the launch of Windows Phone 7. I only started coding this around a week ago, which is great confirmation of how productive the Windows Phone 7 tools are to work with.

Note: These are screenshots of early development.


By David Burela