Infragistics supports the Imagine Cup Worldwide game design finalists

As I previously mentioned, this year I was the Imagine Cup game design sub-captain for the Windows / Xbox track.

I just returned from the worldwide finals, and was amazed by the passion and enthusiasm from all of the students. While I was there, I saw the great XNA games that the students were making in the Windows Phone 7 games track. The quality of these games were amazing for a bunch of students doing it in their spare time.

I decided on the spot to give all of WP7 games teams a copy of our NetAdvantage for Windows Phone. The students were doing an outstanding job, and I wanted so see their apps look polished and sold on the marketplace as soon as possible.

Videos and screenshots of the top 10 Windows Phone 7 games are online for viewing.

During the Imagine Cup, the students had a chance to set up their own personalised stalls and demonstrate their games to all those interested. I managed to grab a few photos of the students while they demonstrated during the showcase.


Again, congratulations to all the teams. Your hard work paid off. Now take the Net Advantage controls, polish your apps, and release onto the marketplace ASAP!

By David Burela

Is Windows Phone 8 a chance to fix the “Bing Button”?

One of the vocal problems users would have with Windows Phone 7 was accidentally hitting the “Bing Button” (the search button). You could be happily in the middle of playing a game, you get into an intense part of a level and then… you accidentally touch the capacitive search button, you are dropped out of your game, and it then takes 30 seconds for the game to reload itself.

In 2011, Long Zheng ( put forward a proposal for “a more accident-friendly WP7 search button”.

Picture taken from

With the recent announcements from Microsoft that existing handsets will not be upgradable to the WP8 OS, and the realisation that everyone will need to purchase new handsets anyway, is this the perfect chance for Microsoft to take another look at the infamous Bing Button?

By David Burela