Microsoft Research video of a ‘smart’ tattoo that acts as a device controler

I saw this article on The Verge that I wanted to share

Below is a short video that gives an overview of the technology. It shows a quite sensitive and fairly accurate temporary tattoo that you can apply to your skin to control an interface on a device like your phone or PC. The designs of the tattoo can be as aesthetic as you like, as they are cut out like a stencil.

I think the designs and future potential as wearable tech is really cool. I’d love to see this taken further than just a research proof of concept.

Making “Isometric workflows” inside Expression Blend

Making “Isometric workflows” inside Expression Blend

I was going through the archives and found this video that Scott Barnes (@Mossyblog) recorded last year.

The video is still relevant for Windows 8 developers. In the video, Scott explains the steps he takes to make a stylised “Isometric Workflow” that would work well inside of a dashboard application.

The video was done as a “Part 1”, but unfortunately it looks like he never did record any further parts.
Enjoy the video, it is great to see how other people work with their tools.


By David Burela

Disabling the all capital menus in Visual Studio 2012

Personally, I am alright with the UI conventions throughout the latest Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate. But I have heard a number of vocal people complain they don’t like Visual Studio “shouting” at them all the time.

Richard banks has posted details on how you can turn off the capitalisation throughout the menus.

By David Burela