Build 2014 – Day 1 keynote

For the last couple years it has been a tradition that I capture a stream of consciousness as I watch the big Microsoft keynote announcements at Build, PDC, TechEd North America. I enjoy doing it so that my work colleagues are able to catch up on the news as soon as they wake up in Australia, and for anyone else that wants an overview of the keynote without needing to dedicate hours watching it.

As I am live blogging it, the post is a stream of text and screen captures as they happened in real time. I have added additional links and a summary below as the highlights:


The entire conference & screenshots are continued below

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My notes from the Windows Phone 8 announcement

Note: the first few screenshots were low quality, the later images are fine once the connection improved. I’ll update the images once the session is downloadable


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Windows 8 developer camp companion application + source code

I put aside a few hours over the weekend and created a companion application for the “Windows 8 developer camps” that are currently running all around Australia.

It only took a few hours to throw something simple together for the attendees. The application provides some basic features to help out on the day

  • Daily schedule
  • Dates
  • XDDN details. So that attendees can continue with their Windows 8 learning
  • Links to online Windows 8 developer resources
  • Links to source code of the demos I gave in my presentations (submitted in pending app update)

Download the Windows Phone 7 marketplace right now

I have made the source code available for anyone that wants to see how a simple app can be put together in only a few hours and submitted to the marketplace.

scheduleXDDN informationonline resources

By David Burela

Community report–Melbourne SDDN April

I am now in charge of organising the speakers for the Melbourne group (Silverlight Designer and Developer Network).

This month I arranged for three speakers to present:

  • David Glover (@dglover) – Windows Phone 7 social View Template
  • Cristian Prieto (@cprieto) – Creating plugins for Expression Blend
  • Chris Walshie (@ChrisWalshie) – Upcoming features in Windows Phone 7 Mango update

David Glover showed a new Windows Phone 7 template that has released on codeplex. It allows anyone to very quickly put together a Windows Phone 7 app that aggregates data feeds (RSS, Twitter, etc.). This means that you can create an application that displays the latest news from your business, or perhaps a sports team. The template is available at

David’s session was recorded and can be viewed below (8 minutes)

Glover also created a screencast after the event that can be viewed here


Cristian Prieto’s session explained the basics of creating a plugin for Expression Blend. The session was recorded but not online yet. Here is a link to an old blog post of mine that explains how to get started and configure Visual Studio for creating plugins.

Chris Walshie gave a slideshow presentation explaining the new features that are in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 update, codename Mango. He attended Mix11 so was able to tell us all about

  • Background workers
  • Multiple live tiles
  • Deep linking into your applications
  • Changes to the push notifications
  • etc.

By David Burela

Microsoft TechEd 2010 Keynote – Deck of Secrets screenshots

Update: the apps have since been released to the app store

This is just a quick blog post to share the screenshots of my Windows Phone 7 application that was shown during the Australia TechEd 2010 Keynote.

I am currently working with to get this application ready for the launch of Windows Phone 7. I only started coding this around a week ago, which is great confirmation of how productive the Windows Phone 7 tools are to work with.

Note: These are screenshots of early development.


By David Burela

Community Report: Hobart.Net usergroup (Windows Azure & Windows Phone 7 Series)

On Friday 16th July, I headed down to Hobart to present at the Hobart.Net usergroup.

It was a good turn out for a Friday afternoon and Christopher Baker as usual had organised a great venue for the event to be held at. It was hosted at the Hobart casino in a members only bar that was booked just for us. The catering provided by the casino was great, there was a nice selection of hot finger food available.

For my talk I spent the first 1.5 hours doing a lap around Windows Azure.

  • I explained the fundamentals of cloud computing
  • What the vision of Window Azure is
  • the basic building blocks available with Windows Azure
  • some code demos
  • How to deploy to Azure
  • how to change the number of instance and deploy new versions

After that initial talk, I then did an hour talk on Windows Phone 7 series

  • What Windows phone 7 series is
  • The programming models available
  • Some code demos
  • I showed Beachy and explained how I had built it
  • Showed some design time data tricks with Expression Blend

By David Burela

Beachy – Runner up Windows Phone 7 application at Bizspark camp

The Windows Phone 7 camp

I spent the last 3 days at the “Windows Phone 7 applications camp” run by Microsoft Bizspark Australia It was a great event and was run well by the organisers.

On Friday David Glover and Nick Randolph helped everyone get the tools installed on their own laptops, then let everybody run through the Windows Phone 7 training kit. Saturday & Sunday were spent with the participants building concept applications that utilise Windows Phone 7.

Finally on Sunday afternoon, the applications were shown to a panel of judges. I was ok with showing my application publically as I wanted to get feedback on the idea, and I was able to record it. Unfortunately the other participants wanted to show their applications privately to the judges so I am unable to comment on what they built and was unable to record their presentations.


Beachy is an application that advises Sydney residents if it is safe to swim at their local beaches. I geocoded 43 beaches around the greater Sydney area, I then bring in data from 6 separate XML feeds from the NSW government that report on dangers at the beaches. All of it is then shown on a Bing maps overlay. GPS in the phone allows the application to show the user where they currently are allowing them to see if the beaches around them are safe to go to.

Detailed information about each beach would also be available to the user such as wind speed/direction and wave height. This would allow recreational users such as surfers or people sailing to decide which beach would have the optimal conditions for them.

MapscreenDetailsScreen  Location detailed ActiveTile MapscreenZoomed


The presentation

I decided to upload my presentation because I go into detail for the reasoning behind my UI decisions such as button placement and colour schemes. I thought that this might be useful for anyone else trying to make Windows Phone 7 applications. I also left in the feedback from the judges as they had some good advice.

The video is in 1080p so feel free to watch it full screen

Beachy – Runner up at Bizspark camp from David Burela on Vimeo.

By David Burela