Installing Silverlight 4 tools with Visual Studio 2010 RC

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 RC I was disappointed that the Silverlight team hadn’t released an updated tools installer <Insert theories of the team waiting for Mix2010 to release an updated installer>.

I was forwarded to this website which explains how to install the Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 onto Visual Studio 2010 RC

It comes down to

  • Extract the SL4 installer
  • Modify the .xml file to enable it to install
  • Modify the registry
  • Replace one of the RIA .dlls with a patched version.

By David Burela

My notes from PDC08 Day 2 keynote

As i mentioned, i’m going to post up all of my notes from the PDC sessions i watch.

Day 1 keynote was about the cloud
Day 2 is all about client technologies


  • Windows 7 – new UI features, improvements in performance (They demo win7 running on a tiny notepad with 1Gb of ram with ½ the ram still available!)
  • WPF Improvements – RibbonBar control, multitouch. New WPF toolkit released today with visual state manager!
  • Visual studio 2010 will be built on WPF
  • Visual studio – Web.config. Improvement to support set up debug/release/staging config files
  • Live Wave 3 – new “Live Framework” wraps around Live services
  • Live Mesh improvements – Adding support for win mobiles and Macintosh in the next update
  • Office 14 – Is now really integrated into the web with live editing of documents being synced. But now have a fully featured office web, works in IE/firefox and has ribbon bar, looks like same app

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