Community report–Melbourne SDDN April

I am now in charge of organising the speakers for the Melbourne group (Silverlight Designer and Developer Network).

This month I arranged for three speakers to present:

  • David Glover (@dglover) – Windows Phone 7 social View Template
  • Cristian Prieto (@cprieto) – Creating plugins for Expression Blend
  • Chris Walshie (@ChrisWalshie) – Upcoming features in Windows Phone 7 Mango update

David Glover showed a new Windows Phone 7 template that has released on codeplex. It allows anyone to very quickly put together a Windows Phone 7 app that aggregates data feeds (RSS, Twitter, etc.). This means that you can create an application that displays the latest news from your business, or perhaps a sports team. The template is available at

David’s session was recorded and can be viewed below (8 minutes)

Glover also created a screencast after the event that can be viewed here


Cristian Prieto’s session explained the basics of creating a plugin for Expression Blend. The session was recorded but not online yet. Here is a link to an old blog post of mine that explains how to get started and configure Visual Studio for creating plugins.

Chris Walshie gave a slideshow presentation explaining the new features that are in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 update, codename Mango. He attended Mix11 so was able to tell us all about

  • Background workers
  • Multiple live tiles
  • Deep linking into your applications
  • Changes to the push notifications
  • etc.

By David Burela

Community Report: Melbourne SDDN August 2010

Last month Miguel Madero (@Mamadero) presented at the Melbourne SDDN.

From the talks blurb:
During this presentation Miguel will share with us some of the tools and techniques used during the day to day Silverlight Development. Some of these tools will help us design, debug and keep our code neat and simple. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Http Sniffing
  • Visual Design Debugging
  • Silverlight Assemblies
  • Removing the need for INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Advanced Silverlight Debugging
  • Avoiding Code Generation of Web Services


Miguel did a great job showing how tools like Silverlight Spy and Fiddler can be used to greatly assist with debugging your silverlight applications. Techniques such as how to monitor the CPU/memory usage of your applications and how to detect why resources aren’t being loaded in your app (due to 404s). There was also a great section at the end on how to unit test your silverlight application

I recorded the session again for everyone to watch.

By David Burela