My notes from PDC09 Day 2 Keynote


  • Scott Gu Rickrolls the entire PDC audience
  • Silverlight 4 beta is out now!
  • Silverlight can now access local resources on your computer like cameras, filesystem, drag/drop support
  • Silverlight has updated WCF support
  • IE9 is announced
  • Work on IE9 has been going on for 3-4 weeks. Performance and Acid3 results are improving
  • There will be videos on

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My notes from PDC09 Day 1 Keynote

    Day1 is on Azure and backend services


    Day2 is on client side, Win7, IE9 and Silverlight
    The keynote can be downloaded from of today

  • Windows Azure can now have apache, tomcat and others installed
  • You can have full control of your instances, install what you want on it, then set that as your new baseline to deploy apps to
  • App fabric is a new add-on for Windows Server. Lets you deploy applications to your servers easier. Also lets you easily deploy to either on premise or Azure
  • Dallas CTP announce. Is a way of exposing your data feeds in an easily discoverable and consumable way

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