Community report: Code Camp Oz 2010–Alex Mackey on HTML5

Alex Mackey (@alexjmackey) talked at Code Camp Oz about HTML5. He discusses which are the good bits of HTML5 to look forward to and we should be using, but also highlights some of the areas that we should avoid for the moment.

More videos from day 2 of Code Camp 2010

By David Burela

Community report: Code Camp Oz 2010–Liam McLennan on BDD

Liam McLennan talks about ways that you can use StoryQ to assist in “Behaviour Driven Development”. Using StoryQ allows you to write tests to verify that your application contains the behaviours that are required, and outputs a nicely formatted page that can be viewed by “the business” to check that the app is doing what it should.

I got a new camera to record the presentations on, a Canon 550D with a shotgun microphone. I’m still learning how to use it, so the audio quality is greatly improved over my previous videos, but in this case I put the tripod on an angle, and didn’t focus completely correctly. Beginners mistakes

More videos from day 2 of Code Camp 2010

By David Burela

Artificial life in the could, using Windows Azure

This year I was able to present at Code Camp! In my mind, Code Camp is meant to be an event where you try and to whacky things with code. So I decided to explore what the possibilities were of using Windows Azure to create Artificial life in the cloud. I ended up focusing more on the possibilities of farming out the work of calculating genetic algorithms to find optimal paths for the travelling salesman problem.

The first section gives a background on cloud computing and Windows Azure. If you are interested in an overview of Azure i recommend you watch my Remix presentation on Windows Azure instead, as I did it after this talk and had a chance to refine that section further.

The talk went well, unfortunately the video capture software I was using was eating up one of my cores on my dual core laptop 😦 which meant the calculations ran slower than they should have. I apologise for the audio quality also, I didn’t have the drivers for my laptop microphone so ended up having to use my mobile phone to record the audio.

I hope you enjoy my talk!

Artificial life in the cloud, using Windows Azure on Vimeo.

The slides are also available 20090405 Codecamp – Alife in the cloud.pptx

Timeline for the talk

  • 0:00 – An overview of Windows Azure
  • 22:30 – Programming with Azure
  • 23:00 – Demo 1 (Hello World with ASP.Net)
  • 32:20 – Azure Storage
  • 35:00 – Architecting your solutions for Azure
  • 46:30 – Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
  • 53:00 – The travelling salesman problem
  • 1:01:00 – Learnings from trying to convert a single threaded library into a distributed Azure environment
  • 1:03:00 – Future work that could be done with A-Life

By David Burela

I’m presenting at Code Camp Oz 2009

The speaker list for Codecamp Oz 2009 has been released and there are some real gems listed

For those who don’t know, code camp oz is a yearly event run in Wagga Wagga (since it is directly between Melbourne & Sydney so no one can complain), it is run by people in the community. Last year’s conference was my first and it was a blast.

But the thing i am excited about is that I’ve been listed as a speaker this year, my presentation brief was accepted:

Cloud computing: A-life using Windows Azure

David Burela takes the Windows Azure platform and tries to find some other uses for the cloud. Azure gives developers easy scalability and methods to send messages between machines, perhaps this is a great way to play around and create some A-Life


Hope some of you can make it along so you can see the presentation, or course I’ll upload all of the materials after code camp.

By David Burela