Community report: Sydney cloudcamp 2010 – Quest

The 6th lightning talk at the cloudcamp was by Guy Harrison (@GuyHarrison) from Quest software

He talked about how they are changing their SQL tool ‘Toad’ to work well with the new cloud databases and even how they are doing cross database queries and migrations.

By David Burela

The next Melbourne Cloudcamp

The next cloudcamp in Melbourne is scheduled for Thursday 7th October 2010. The location is the same as the event earlier this year.

The event in Melbourne had a good turn out with some interesting lightning talks and breakout sessions. I recorded the lightning talks and they are available on my blog

I’ll be taking my camera along to record as much of the event as I can again. Hope to see you all there!

By David Burela

Community report: Interview with Orion VM

At the Sydney Cloudcamp I had the chance to interview the founders of OrionVM They are a new Sydney based cloud statup. They provide a local cloud infrastructure that is hosted in Sydney, which is great for anything that requires lower latency or for data that has hosting restrictions (financial data, private data, etc).

I asked them about their offering, the technology powering their cloud, etc. They are doing some interesting things. I hope it goes well!

OrionVM can be contacted at or you can phone them on 1300 56 99 52. You can also follow them on twitter @orionvm

By David Burela

Brisbane cloudcamp 2010 – Lightning talk (Connect2Field)

This is the talk that Steven Orenstein (@sorenstein) from gave at the Brisbane cloud camp.

He talks about how his company utilises the cloud. It is interesting to compare this prepared talk to the one he was asked to do at the Melbourne cloudcamp 2 months earlier. Here is his Melbourne talk.

[Vimeo 13841003]

By David Burela