Community report: Melbourne cloudcamp 2010 – OrionVM

The final lightning talk at the 2nd Melbourne Cloudcamp for 2010 was done by OrionVM and it was a very technical session. Here they discuss the actual technology that they used to create their cloud computing platform! OrionVM is Sydney based cloud computing provider, they have build their own infrastructure and technology from scratch, it is very interesting indeed.

The talk is great, they were asked 15 minutes before if they would like to do a lightning talk and quickly threw some slides together. Unfortunately they did their slides on a Linux machine with Open Office , so it didn’t want to play nice with Microsoft office, meaning they had to improvise.


Here is my interview with them earlier in the year

By David Burela

Community report: Melbourne cloudcamp 2010 – Microsoft

In this lightning talk, Graham Elliot (@grahamelliott) from Microsoft discusses ways you can cloudify your application.

It is a very useful guide on ways that different service models (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) and how it will effect how you charge for you application. It is a must watch for any seriously considering creating an online application they plan to charge other people for.

By David Burela

Windows Azure code samples collection

J.D. Meier has just posted a great article that lists all of the best Windows Azure code samples from MSDN, codeplex, etc.

They have been categorised into sections for easy reference. This is a great way to quickly skim over and see which topics you need to brush up on. Great work J.D!

By David Burela

Community report: Melbourne cloudcamp 2010 – Quest software

Here is another lightning talk from the 2nd Melbourne cloudcamp for 2010. It was done by Guy Harrison (@GuyHarrison) from Quest software

This is a repeat of his Sydney talk where he talked about how they are changing their SQL tool ‘Toad’ to work well with the new cloud databases and  how they enable doing cross database queries and migrations.

By David Burela

Community report: Melbourne cloudcamp 2010 – MYOB

This week I will post the lightning talks that were done at the 2nd Melbourne Cloudcamp for 2011. I was really impressed with the depth of technical discussions with each of the lightning talks.

The first lightning talk at the was done by Simon Raik-Allen @SimonRaikAllen. In this talk he discusses the issues of choosing to develop a single-tenant applications vs. a multi-tenant application.

Simon covers a lot of good discussion points and mentions how other companies are tackling the problem (such as salesforce and 4square). He also brings up the point that multi tenancy isn’t just “at the database level”, you could have a multi-tenant database, or single-tenant databases with a shared multi-tenant app server.

By David Burela

List of Azure sessions at PDC 2010

Now that PDC has finished, I decided to collect all of the Azure sessions up so that I could tick off which ones I have viewed, and which ones I have yet to watch. Most them them don’t have the session available as a download, but they are all available as a live stream immediately!

CD07: Building Windows Phone 7 applications with the Windows Azure Platform
CS01: Building High Performance Web Applications with the Windows Azure Platform
CS02: Building Scale-Out Database Solutions on SQL Azure
CS03: Building, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure Applications
CS04: Composing Applications with AppFabric Services
CS05: Connecting Cloud & On-Premises Apps with the Windows Azure Platform
CS06: Enabling New Scenarios and Applications with Data in the Cloud
CS07: Identity & Access Control in the Cloud
CS08: Inside windows Azure
CS09: Migrating and Building Apps for Windows Azure with VM Role and Admin Mode
CS10: Open in the Cloud: Windows Azure and Java
CS11: Windows Azure Storage Deep Dive
FT04: Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected Web
FT07: Lessons Learned from Moving Team Foundation Server (TFS) to the Cloud

By David Burela

Who is on the Windows Azure team in Australia

I just noticed this blog post

It lists all of the Microsoft Australia staff that are working with Windows Azure platform. If you looking for a Microsoft contact to ask questions of, they would be a great place to start.

By David Burela