Windows Azure beginner starting links

I’m compiling a list of good blogs/articles that i find to help anyone that is beginning with windows Azure get up to speed.



Visual Studio development

Screencast of how to use azure tools

Quick lap around VS2008 azure tools (very nice)

Service project vs. Role project

Development fabric & storage integration


Azure training kit

Degugging storage

Integrating LiveID/AD into Azure projects

New role templates

Enabling Windows live tools in Visual studio

F# worker role


Azure management tools

Live services poster


Azure services platform

Azure blobs

Azure Tables

By David Burela

WPF links for beginners

When I was starting to learn WPF I kept a list in OneNote of all the links that I found useful, as I assumed that one day someone else would start learning WPF. Last week I trained a group of people in WPF and shared with them all of these links, so I thought I should share them with the world, I hope it comes in handy for those that have NO idea where they should start on their WPF journey.

WPF basics

History/reasons behind WPF

Getting started with WPF (branches off into many sub pages detailing styling, resources, binding, anything you need information on. Is the best place to go to for specifics)

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