Windows 8 app fest at TechEd Australia

If you are heading to TechEd Australia this year, and you are interested in developing Windows 8 applications, then this might be of interest to you.

There is a special event starting on the Monday before TechEd where you can work on your Windows 8 application with a number experts on hand to assist.

From the website:

Before TechEd kicks off, get hands-on coding time in the ultimate 24-hour hackathon for building Windows 8 apps. Join us on the Gold Coast a day earlier to get into the guts of app building with our Windows 8 Dev speakers and other industry experts.

You can get skilled up in Windows 8 apps, brainstorm ideas and code like there’s no tomorrow. Our expert mentors will work with you as you build your own Windows 8 app intended for the Store, rather than playing with sample applications.

There are also a few extra details on the TechEd FAQ page:

I will be at the event as a mentor, helping everyone I can to build brilliant Windows 8 Metro applications.

By David Burela


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