Developer Blog Banter #3: Show & Tell

After a long hiatus, it is time to continue with the Developer Blog Banters (DBB). Each banter focuses on a single topic allowing passionate developers to blog on a common topic. The goal being to get more developers blogging and cross posting within the community.
Previous banters asked developers to “What their current technology stacks look like” and “How do you test applications”. More information about the blog banter can be found at

The guys over at Code52 this week ask you to share a single interesting thing you’ve worked with recently. A tool, framework or technology for example.
We want to hear about what you have been working with in your spare time. We want to hear about the cool stuff we haven’t had a chance to use. We want to get jealous about hearing how you’ve used it and what you’ve learned about it.

We’re looking for people to write short articles on stuff they’ve used recently or something they’ve built recently to share with the big wide world.

We want to hear:

  • what did you find that is awesome?
  • what is awesome about it?
  • how did you use it?
  • what did you learn from using it?
  • is there some code that people can have a play with?

As usual, post a trackback to this post and I’ll update the list of responses, allowing everyone to easily view posts participants. This also lets the Code52 guys see a consolidated list of responses that are currently online. You may even get your post featured on the Code52 blog!


  1. Tugberk Ugurlu – Generic Repository Pattern series
  2. David Burela – Community coding (GitHub + MarkPad)
  3. Gareth Bradley – My open source application
  4. Duncan Bayne – Automating provision of virtual machines for use as build agents

By David Burela

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