What does your current technology stack look like?

In response to the first Developer Blog Banter

Most of my projects look like this

Technology stack


  • Silverlight 4
  • Ninject (IoC)
  • Prism (on occasion)
  • RIA services
  • Entity framework
  • Sql server 2008 R2
  • nSubstitute (for mocking. Made in Australia!)
  • MSTest

Looking at feedback Paul received, I think that I will need to look into using nBuilder soon to create test data for my unit tests. I am using MSTest, because I like how it is easy for developers to just have VS2010 (+apis) installed and run the tests immediately.

Source control

For projects on client sites, I am using TFS 2010 setup with continuous integration.

At home, I don’t have a source control solution. I just zip up the source code folder at intervals and name it ProjectName YYMMDDHHmmSS e.g. DavidProject 201007251100.zip

I know that the way I do source control isn’t optimal. So after talking to Paul Stovell and Miguel Madero at Code Camp South Australia last weekend, I have decided that I am going to start using Mercurial to help me to check in locally.

So how about you? What are your standard tools right now for new projects?

By David Burela

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