Installing Silverlight 4 tools with Visual Studio 2010 RC

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 RC I was disappointed that the Silverlight team hadn’t released an updated tools installer <Insert theories of the team waiting for Mix2010 to release an updated installer>.

I was forwarded to this website which explains how to install the Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 onto Visual Studio 2010 RC

It comes down to

  • Extract the SL4 installer
  • Modify the .xml file to enable it to install
  • Modify the registry
  • Replace one of the RIA .dlls with a patched version.

By David Burela

4 thoughts on “Installing Silverlight 4 tools with Visual Studio 2010 RC

  1. Something to be aware of: once you’ve got Silverlight 4 going, if you’re also using the TFS Release Candidate, you’ll need to ensure your build is targeting x86.

    The reason is that TFS currently barfs when trying to build Silverlight 4 targeting 64-bit platforms. See this bug report for details.

    Thanks to Scott from Readify for discovering this … it was causing us much pain.

  2. That problem isn’t specific to the Realease Candidate, the issue was there since Beta 2.

    Thanks for voting for the issue, I hope MS does something about it. Their response was just to change the platform. The problem is that the error is misleading saying that the SDK isn’t installed. They should at least provide a better error message and ideally change their Microsoft.Silverlight.Common.targets to work on x64.

    • This shouldn’t be a problem with the full version of visual studio.
      Try using the web platform installer to install Visual Studio 2010 service pack 1, and the latest silverlight 5 SDK & tool (you can still tell it to build Silverlight 4 projects).

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