Remix presentation: Intro to Windows Azure

This year I was invited to speak presenting on Windows Azure at Remix, Microsoft’s Annual web technologies conference.

In this talk, I cover off the history of cloud computing, compare Windows Azure to the offerings from Amazon and Google. Explain what tools are needed to program against Windows Azure, then finally cover a few demos that show the capabilities of Windows Azure

The video is available online in both low and high quality (unfortunately the aspect ratio is weird at both qualities).

The Slides are also available for you to download 20090611 ReMix – Azure Themed.pptx


Timeline for the talk

  • 0:00 – Cloud computing recap
  • 6:30 – Overview of Windows Azure
  • 16:30 – How to program
  • 17:15 – Demo 1 (ASP.Net Hello World)
  • 22:30 – Demo 2 (Massively scalable WCF service)
  • 25:00 – Demo 3 (Using a silverlight to consume my service)
  • 35:00 – Demo 4 (Azure storage + Worker roles)

By David Burela

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