I’m presenting at Code Camp Oz 2009

The speaker list for Codecamp Oz 2009 has been released and there are some real gems listed http://notgartner.wordpress.com/2009/02/15/code-camp-oz-2009-speakers-sessions-announced/

For those who don’t know, code camp oz is a yearly event run in Wagga Wagga (since it is directly between Melbourne & Sydney so no one can complain), it is run by people in the community. Last year’s conference was my first and it was a blast.

But the thing i am excited about is that I’ve been listed as a speaker this year, my presentation brief was accepted:

Cloud computing: A-life using Windows Azure

David Burela takes the Windows Azure platform and tries to find some other uses for the cloud. Azure gives developers easy scalability and methods to send messages between machines, perhaps this is a great way to play around and create some A-Life


Hope some of you can make it along so you can see the presentation, or course I’ll upload all of the materials after code camp.

By David Burela

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