Silverlight hosted on Windows Azure

There have been a lot of hits to my blog for the search term “Silverlight Azure development”. So for anybody who is stuck at this first step of getting Silverlight hosted on Windows Azure.

I’ve included steps for creating a new Silverlight project, or adding an existing one.

Creating a new Silverlight project

  1. Create a windows azure web cloud project
  2. Right click the solution in solution explorer and add a new project.
  3. Add a new silverlight project
  4. Then simply tell it to also add a refrence to our ASP.Net web role project.

Adding an existing Silverlight project

If you already have an existing Silverlight project that you have been working on and just want to get it hosted on Azure

  1. Add the project to the Azure solution
  2. Right click the web role ASP.Net project and bring up the properties
  3. Go to the silverlight application tab and click add
  4. Select the Silverlight project
  5. Done! It will even add a test page into the ASP.Net project for you.

By David Burela

8 thoughts on “Silverlight hosted on Windows Azure

  1. Hi,
    I put some controls on the page.
    I get always a blank page in my IE. The same result in Dev Fabric and in the cloud.
    Did I forget something?

  2. Same here, the page remains white. This is the error:

    Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight 2 Application
    Code: 2104
    Category: InitializeError
    Message: Could not download the Silverlight application. Check web server settings

    Does any one have clue what’s causing this?

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