Inserting records using LinqToSql

I wasn’t able to find any good examples on Google (they were all for old CTPs).
So to all that this may help, this is how you can insert a record into SQL using Linq (LinqToSQL).

NorthWindDataContext db = new NorthWindDataContext();
Product prod = new Product();
prod.ProductName = "The Dave Special";
prod.CategoryID = 1;
prod.UnitPrice = 24;
prod.UnitsInStock = 1;

//This is the line I kept missing


A shout out to Jordan Knight for helping me with this

By David Burela

One thought on “Inserting records using LinqToSql

  1. Hey, its so simple but i was having the hardest time doing exactly this… your a lifesaver… maybe thats a little to extreme. Your a timesaver… and a lifesaver.

    thanks again!!!

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