Silverlight hosted on Windows Azure

There have been a lot of hits to my blog for the search term “Silverlight Azure development”. So for anybody who is stuck at this first step of getting Silverlight hosted on Windows Azure.

I’ve included steps for creating a new Silverlight project, or adding an existing one.

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WCF services hosted on Windows Azure

I’ve gotten quite a few questions asking how to get WCF services working correctly under Windows Azure. There are 2 main issues here

  1. Windows Azure has a bug hosting Azure services in the current CTP
  2. The PDC Labs are incorrect (it only works when running inside of the Microsoft Lab PCs)

I was discussing this with Steve Marx while I was in Seattle who pointed me in the right direction.

The developer fabric in the current CTP isn’t hosting SCF services correctly. If you try and retrieve the WCF metadata, it will be returned incorrectly. So here are the steps to correctly host WCF and generate the client proxies. Note: This is my opinion based on what Steve mentioned to me, this isn’t his way.

At a high level, we need to create the WCF service, set it to basicHttpBinding, host it in the ASP.Net dev server. Get our client app to generate the proxy from the metadata. Host the WCF service in Azure, then update the client app to point to the Azure endpoint.

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Windows Azure beginner starting links

I’m compiling a list of good blogs/articles that i find to help anyone that is beginning with windows Azure get up to speed.



Visual Studio development

Screencast of how to use azure tools

Quick lap around VS2008 azure tools (very nice)

Service project vs. Role project

Development fabric & storage integration


Azure training kit

Degugging storage

Integrating LiveID/AD into Azure projects

New role templates

Enabling Windows live tools in Visual studio

F# worker role


Azure management tools

Live services poster


Azure services platform

Azure blobs

Azure Tables

By David Burela

My notes from PDC08 Day 2 Keynote 2

COMPLETEY demo driven, but I wouldn’t really recommend watching this one

Azure is built using web standards (uri, HTTP, XML)
Exposes functionality so you can use it
Gives you choices/options for how you can take your code and hook your apps into it

Show an application that they built that lists processes on a box via a RESTful service.
Var request = WebRequest.Create(url
Showing how to manually call GET or DELETE against a RESTful service to list/kill the processes.

Net services Service bus
Going to host this service so that others can use it

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My notes from PDC Session ES 02

Notes from ES 02: Architecting Services for Windows Azure

Presentation will cover how to architect Azure services
Describe the service life cycle management
Show how azure architecture enables automation
Show how developers are freed from cloud platform issues

Main points of the presentation
• Cloud services have specific design considerations
○ Are always on, distributed, large scale, failure is expected so how to handle
• Azure is an OS for the cloud
○ Handles scale out, dynamic and on-demand.
○ Each machine is running its own kernel
○ But all the services sitting on top are what make up the Azure OS
• Azure managers services not just servers
○ Tell it what you want, and it will help automate the details
○ Servers, load balancers, etc.
○ Just describe what you want, and it auto deploys it all
• Azure frees devs from all the underlying stuff
○ Allows developers to concentrate on the business logic instead of cloud logic
They need our help building services. If we build it correctly, MS can help us automate things and make them healthy.Cloud computing is based on scale out not scale up (scaling outwards with lots of parallel computers, rather than scaling up and just beefing up a single computer with more ram)
Automation is the key to reducing costs

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My notes from PDC Session ES 01

Notes from ES 01: Developing and deploy your first cloud service

Talk is composed of 90% demos, so noting down what he does

In this session he is aims to create a blog website hosted on Azure using ASP.Net MVC & Azure storage

Azure SDK provides a “consistent, familiar development” environment.

Can use .Net, IIS7, WCF

The ‘cloud on your desktop’ development environment is a lot like cassini. When I develop my website and click run, my webpage is launched. But instead of cassini, the developer fabric spins up instances and runs my website.

Can develop in Visual Web developer Express

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