Google translation application

A problem with having an international g/f is that her parents can’t speak english.
She was chatting her parents on MSN and i decided that I would have a go and see how the google translator holds up
(yes there is the older Altavista babel-fish, but I had trouble with it not being able to translate a LOT of words)

I could easily translate what her mother said to me into English. However, I was very affraid that what I would translate into Chinese for her would turn out very wrong. So i got into the habit of translating English into Chinese. Copying the translated chinese, and pasting it back into Google translate to translate it BACK into english. While this isn’t foolproof, I figured it would at least offer some additional security that I don’t accidentally call her mother a 3-eyed fish.

The problem with this approach is that it is VERY time consuming, if the translation wasn’t great, I would have to repeat the process using less ambiguous words which could take many cycles. I decided to see if I could create an application that could do this for me, unfortunately the Google api doesn’t expose the translation service yet.
However I found a ‘hack’ to do a HTML scrape and pull the results out
now I’ve got a simple WPF app that can quickly translate, and show me the translation back so i can quickly tweak what I say to her mother.
I’ve only had one or two “huh, what you said makes no sense” moments 😉

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Strange characters when running chinese applications in Vista

My girlfriend is from Shanghai and loves to use her chinese apps:
QQ, popkart, some online DDR ripoff.

The only problem is that when we run the setup, or once in the app, all the characters are really strange, random circles and squiggles, not Chinese characters at all.
The solution thanks to

is to change the system locale to Chinese.

You do this by going:
Control panel, regional settings.
Administrative tab
then the “Change system Locale” button. Change it to the appropriate setting (i chose Chinese PRC)

I’ve had no problems with my system after running like this for the last 2 months. All my games and applications still work fine and are displayed in english, but it is now able to display the correct chinese characters when requested.
(the only problem i have had are with Nvidia and intel driver installs, they detect the langauge setting and display the setup apps in chinese instead of English 😉

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Home server unavailable to MSDN subscribers

Well this is a real dissapointment, according to this post on the MDSN forums
Re: Will WHS be available on MSDN? – Windows Home Server

Windows home server is unavailable to MSDN subscribers. That is a real dissapointment, i was really looking forward to getting my hands on this product and making my own add-ins for it.
For anyone unsure as so what windows home server is, or what you can do with add-ins here are some links

Product page
Home sever blog
A list of current add-ins (one is a bit torrent add-in, so you could get your server to automatically download the latest media torrents from an RSS feed and have it ready to watch on your Xbox360)

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I’m on the A-list

I had a fancy letter com in the mail, was in cursive writing with a shiny gold crown on top of the invitation. It reads:

His excellency the Honourable William Cox,
The Govenor of Tasmania, and Mrs Cox
request the pleasure of the company of
Mr David Burela

at the reception to mark the visit of the
Young Austrlian of the year finalists
on Tuesday 28th August

So i’m going along to that tonight, should be interesting. I’m probably just being invited along since i was one of 4 Tasmanian finalists last year for Young Australian of the year. But hey, there might be free drinks and canapes!

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Harvard style referencing in Office 2007

*UPDATE 2008/09/28*

There is a .xsl file available from that will put the harvard style into Microsoft Office.
It supports AMA, Harvard and IEEE formats.

Original post:

I was doing a uni assignment for my MBA and i needed to do proper referencing *groan*
A light bulb went off in my head “hey office 2007 has a citation manager in it, lets go!”

It works rather well, it is very intuitive to insert in a new reference source. The only problem is after I had done all this work and then realised “hey, these references don’t look like how I did them in my thesis. Oh thats alright, the citation style was just set to APA, should be as easy as selecting Harvard from the pull down menu. WTF IT IS NOT THERE”

For some reason the Office 2007 developers left out the most widely used referencing style from their citation manager…. But I’ve found a dirty dirty hack for anyone else that needs help on how to do it

The Orthomy: Word 2007 – Citations

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"Windows Media Player” plugin for firefox

FINALLY, someone released a plugin for firefox that will play windows media stuff. I use firefox/flock for all my web surfing so when i hit a page that says i need to install a plugin for windows media 11 (even though i am using Vista and have it preinstalled) was getting really annoying. I’d have to open up IE7 to just load that page and then close it down again *sigh*

enough with the ranting, here is the link for you all

Port 25 : Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin – Download

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University of Tasmania Vista/Office2007 Launch event

On Friday 30th March there will be a launch event for the new Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 showcasing the new features and capabilities of the 2 products.

Many topics will be covered, with some of the interesting features including:

  • Windows media centre, the new Aero interface and sidebar gadgets in Vista.
  • New ways to visualise data in excel, creating “smart art”, the new user interface and applying themes to entire documents in Office.

There will be a free BBQ afterwards for all students that attend the presentation
Date: Friday 30th March
Where: School of computing, video conferencing room, 4th floor
Time: Presentaiton 11-12, BBQ 12-3pm

By David Burela